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Heart disease and high blood pressure can be successfully treated without pharmaceuticals

Heart disease and high blood pressure prevention, control and cure.
Dr. Gottfried Lange, expert in naturopathy, cellular nutrition and body toxicity due to pollutants, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Gottfried A. Lange graduated as a medical doctor in 1980 from Hamburg University in Germany. He specializes in the fields of naturopathy, cellular nutrition and the effects of chemical residues in the human body.


Dr. Lange has researched the influences of drugs and environmental pollutants, heavy metals and pesticides on human health. He has consulted, spoken and published extensively in the field of effective detoxification methods. He is a lecturer popular with consumers and health professionals on chemistry, toxicology and the prevention and cures for common diseases including cardiovascular diseases and cancer.


He is recognized around the world as the author of "How to REALLY Prevent and Cure Heart Disease — The Billion Dollar Cholesterol 'Scam' Exposed". This book, based on 253 scientific references, reveals the true causes of this worldwide epidemic of heart disease and strokes. It also provides vital information needed to really cure and prevent heart disease, strokes and high blood pressure, and become or stay healthy and fit for a lifetime.



World Health Report pie chart showing that the vast majority of deaths worldwide are due to heart attacks and strokes.


Read a sample of the book:

We've included the first 4 pages (chapters 1 and 2 from the book) to give you a small taste of the information inside. The book is available for purchase in both electronic and printed formats. It is highly recommended for anyone who is concerned about their own health and longevity, and especially those who have been diagnosed as having "high cholesterol", high blood pressure, artery deposits or heart disease. It is also recommended for anyone who has already had a stroke and/or heart attack, and who wants to research and take charge of their own health.


"How to Really Prevent and Cure Heart Disease — The Billion Dollar Cholesterol 'Scam' Exposed" is also a challenge to those in the medical profession to do their own research into Dr. Lange's findings to verify the workability of the procedures and recommendations. Too many millions people have died needlessly as a result of the use of unworkable pharmaceuticals.




"How to Really Prevent and Cure Heart Disease" — a book by Dr. Gottfried Lange.


Cholesterol is the primary building block for the walls of the trillions of cells in the body. These cells carry out the functions of your organs and keep the body alive.

Cholesterol is not a dangerous, villainous substance but rather one of the most essential and valuable building blocks of your body.

Dr. Gottfried Lange

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