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Book: "How to Really Prevent and Cure Heart Disease" by Dr. Gottfried Lange.

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Dr. Anatoly Antoshechkin

Russian scientist Dr. Anatoly Antoshechkin, M.D., Ph.D., has worked with developing an adaptogen (a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes) for cosmonauts in the Russian space program and the Russian Olympic Team. As a Scientific Consultant to the Anti-Doping Center of the Russian Olympic Committee, Dr. Antoshechkin was instrumental in developing safe and beneficial supplements to enhance the performance of Russia's top Olympic athletes. He is one of the world's premier experts on using natural means to increase energy and stamina.

"The content of the book How to Really Prevent and Cure Heart Disease by Gottfried A. Lange, is based on analysis of literature data concerning atherosclerosis and reasons for cardiovascular disease. As the biochemical mechanisms of atherosclerosis development are not fully understood, some scientists give their own point of view on this topic. The widespread opinion is that some level of blood cholesterol is responsible for atherosclerosis development and heart disease. This opinion is supported by governmental scientific boards and is now a paradigm in cardiology and diet guidelines. The author of the book presents controversial scientific data concerning this paradigm. There are scientific data that suggest no role for blood cholesterol in atherosclerotic plaque formation. This conclusion contradicts the widespread recommendation to consume low-fat nutrients. It also puts into doubt the expedience of using statins to prevent atherosclerosis. As well as discussing these contradictions, the author describes an alternative approach to preventing development of atherosclerosis and heart disease.


"The book is well illustrated and is a good combination of scientific knowledge and popular description of discussed topics. The book is addressed to medical doctors, nutritional specialists and to anyone interested in to their own health care."


Dr. Anatoly Antoshechkin



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